Saturday: Hope of Glory

The grave is not the end of life nor is it the last time we will see our loved ones. Because God in Christ took on flesh and blood, died on the cross, and rose again we will have life eternal and our bodies will be glorified. No more cancer, no more Alzheimer’s, no more heart disease, no more pain — only glory. So let us celebrate this hope.

Simeon’s Moment

Friday: Hope Fulfilled

When hope is fulfilled, there is joy. When Simeon and Anna saw their hope fulfilled, what was their response? Simeon held Jesus in his arms (quite a contrast to the role Jesus plays as the Good Shepherd!) and praised God. “My eyes have seen your salvation,” he said. Anna also thanked God and then immediately went about the task of sharing the good news that the messiah had finally come to Israel.


Tuesday: Hope of Justice

We often wonder why God allows suffering and evil in this world. Why someone like Saddam Hussein could kill 10,000 people without a second thought. Or how millions could die in Rwanda, Congo and Sudan because of pure hatred. We wonder why the rich keep stomping on the poor without penalty and why the righteous seem made to suffer. “Where is the justice, O Lord?” the prophet Habakkuk cried out (Hab. 1:2- 4). We rarely seem to recognize it, don’t we?

This wishing well has given many hope.

Monday: A Patient Hope

We are celebrating hope this week, and the very mention of a place name brought great hope for the people of Israel. Micah prophesied it and the people waited. But the prophecy came in 700 B.C. and the messiah 700 years later. A lot happens in 700 years and people forget. So when Jesus was born, the people had forgotten.