Of Barrenness and Grace

I'm continuing to reflect on the concept of barrenness this week, a theme that came to the fore during last week's church lectionary readings. God so often speaks new life into our barrenness, superseding even our wildest imaginations to create exciting things out of nothingness. He turns death into life and He renews old bodies … Continue reading Of Barrenness and Grace

New Life in the Barrenness

One of the things I have most enjoyed about attending an Anglican Church is the daily lectionary. For those unaware, the "lectionary" is a pre-selected plan of daily readings, usually containing one section of Scripture each from the Old Testament History, Psalms, Gospels and Epistles parts of the Bible. And on Sundays, one passage is … Continue reading New Life in the Barrenness

Never Alone: Learning About the Presence (and People) of God

Mrs. Newton and I got into another one of those "blog worthy" discussions the other night as we reflected on our move to a new city and search for new friends here.  As for culture, Fayetteville is a far cry from Monroe, Louisiana, where deep fried food, thick accents and rampant poverty abound. Well, Fayetteville … Continue reading Never Alone: Learning About the Presence (and People) of God